Dosages Myrrh

Myrrh, more food additive than food, is used to flavor baked goods, beverages, candy, chewing gums, frozen desserts, gelatins, meat, puddings, soft drinks, Swedish bitters (FAC); myrrh dissolved in water used in Arabia to flavor coffee (GHA). 1 tsp powdered myrrh/cup water/1-2 x/day (APA);

5-10 drops tincture per glass water (for mouthwash or gargle) (APA); 8-10 drops myrrh extract to 4 x/day (APA); 2.5-5.0 ml myrrh tincture (CAN; PNC); 0.3-1.2 g resin/day (HHB). 0.3-1.5 g (MAD);

6-10 drops tincture, several times a day (MAD); 1-2 ml tincture 3 x/day (SKY); 1 g resin 3 x/day (SKY); 1/8-1/4 tsp myrrh tincture 3 x/daily (WAF).

• Arabians smear resin on a black cloth that, after hardening, is used to bind fractures (GHA).

• Asian Indians dissolve myrrh in mother's or asses' milk as a collyrium (DEP).

• Asian Indians give myrrh with gúr to increase flow of milk (DEP).

• Asian Indians mix borax with myrrh for parasitic stomatitis or thrush (NAD).

• Asian Indians mix myrrh tincture with glycerine for diptheria (NAD).

• Asian Indians suggest myrrh tincture for chlorosis and dysmenorrhea in young girls (NAD).

• Dhofari soak the resin in water and drink it or rub it on the body for fever (GHA).

• Lebanese use the myrrhs similarly, as carminative, fumitory, vulnerary, using dried fruits for gastric problems and flu. They direct the smoke on wounds (HJP).

• Omani apply myrrh to caries heating the myrrh with a hot rod for toothache (GHA).

• Saudi apply the resin to the breast to wean babies (GHA).

• Yemeni paste myrrh on snakebites and wounds; on the penis as an aphrodisiac (GHA).

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