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Whether you take the narrow or broad taxonomic interpretation, all parts of most varieties are eaten somewhere. Of the stricter interpretation of leek, Tanaka says, all parts, except root, are used in soups and stews (TAN); Facciola says of the stricter Porrum leek group, leaves and stalks are eaten, boiled, braised, steamed, or raw, in "salads. ... Widely used in gourmet French cuisine, especially vichyssoise. Glamorgan sausages, popular in Wales, are meatless sausages made from leeks, cheese, and breadcrumbs. Sprouted seeds are eaten like those of onion or garlic" (FAC).

• Asian Indians suggest leek juice with cream for chafing, chilblains, and sore eyes (KAB).

• Brits say, "to eat leeks in Lide and Ramsins in May and all the year physicians may play (AAH)."

• Cambodians use the plant as a diuretic and emollient (KAB).

• Danish suggest boiled leek for induration of the abdomen and stomach (JLH).

• French suggest crushed leek for tumors of the joints (JLH).

• Germans plastered the plant or its juice on cancers (JLH).

• Lebanese tie bruised leaves around cuts (BIB).

• Lebanese with HBP are encouraged to eat more of the diuretic leek (BIB). Extracts (Leek):

Viewing this as generic with garlic, but dilute, I would use larger doses for any of the indications for which garlic has proven successful, including antisepsis, both prophylactic and curative, and as an immunostimulant.

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