Dosages Italian Cypress

0.5-2 g fluid extract; 0.15-0.2 g aqueous extract (HHB).

• Algerians eat stewed fruits for dyspepsia (HJP).

• Asian Indians use the fruits as "an aromatic stimulant" in piles (BIB).

• Haitians use bark, fruit, or wood decoction for diarrhea and chest complaints (VOD).

• Haitians use essential oil for convulsive coughs and intestinal worms (VOD).

• Haitians use the fruit decoction for hemorrhoids, menstrual and nervous disorders, and uterorrhagia (VOD).

• Haitians use the leaf decoction topically for rheumatism (VOD).

• Lebanese use for cough, dyspepsia, hiccup, inflammation, and ulcers. The berries serve in a cough syrup. Mashed berries are applied to lesions (HJP).

• Palestinians used the leaf oil for whooping cough (BIB).

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