Dosages Frankincense

Aromatic frankincense chewed or essential oil extracted as flavoring used in baked goods, candy, gelatin, ice cream, and soft drinks (FAC).

• Asian Indians use frankincense for nervous disorders and rheumatism (BIB).

• Arabians use the digestive resin as hair oil, to stimulate digestion, and to strengthen teeth (GHA).

• Arabians use soot from burning frankincense to sooth sore eyes (GHA).

• Chinese use for urogenital ailments (BIB).

• East Africans use bark exudate as a tonic and diuretic, and to treat syphilis (BIB).

• Lebanese chew the frankincense to cleanse the mouth (HJP).

• Saudis chew it or add to coffee as diuretic, memorigenic (35 grains), and purgative (BIB; GHA).

• Yemeni chew the gum for pregnancy and emotional and psychological problems (GHA).

• Tanganyikans boil resin with sesame oil, taking daily for bilharzia (BIB).

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