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In biblical times, broad beans, THE biblical beans, and their meal were made into bread, even as today in the biblical world. They are boiled and eaten also. Elsewhere they are cultivated as a vegetable and used green or dried, fresh or canned, and for stock feed. Broadbean has been considered a meat extender or substitute and as a skim-milk substitute. Sometimes grown for green manure, but more generally for stock feed. Large-seeded cultivars are used as a vegetable, and frequently grown as a home-garden crop for canning. Roasted seeds are eaten like peanuts in India. Beans are fed to horses and the stalks are given to camels. I once calculated that it would take a pound of faba beans, or a couple ounces of the sprouts, to give a physiological dose of L-dopa. The sprouts are also better sources of daidzein and genistein.

• North Africans nibble two parched seeds early in the morning for stomach pain (BOU).

• Iranians claim the shoots can rouse a drunkard from stupor (BIB).

• Turks apply heated leaves to abscesses (EB49:406).

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Essential Aromatherapy

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