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Dill is used primarily as a condiment. Dried fruits (seeds) are used in pickles, soups, spiced beets, fish, and fish sauces, with eggs, and in potato salads. Roasted fruits serve as a coffee substitute. Hot fruit extracts are used to make jams and liqueurs; the dill oil is also used in liqueurs. Fresh leaves are used in salads, with cottage cheese, cream cheese, steaks, chops, avocado, cauliflower, green beans, squash, tomatoes, and tomato soup, zucchini, and shrimp. Dried leaves, known as dill weed, are also used to season various foods. Ethiopians use tender plant parts, dried fruits, and flowers in flavorings, especially alcoholic beverages. Oil from the seed is used chiefly as a scent in soaps and perfumes, and in the pickle industry. Weed oil, from the aboveground parts of the plant, is used in the food industry because of its characteristic dill herb smell and flavor (FAC, TAN). Chew 1/2-1 tsp seed (APA); 2 tsp crushed seed/cup water (APA); 1 g seed (HHB); 3 g seed (KOM; PHR); 0.1-0.3 g EO (KOM; PHR); 0.3-1 ml concentrated dill water (PNC); 0.05-2 ml (I would have said 0.05-0.2 ml) essential oil (PNC); (cf. celeryseed, close kin) (PNC).

• Asian Indians use the seed for abdominal tumors (JLH).

• Bahamans use the plant decoction for stomachache in children (JFM).

• Belgians apply the leaves to tumors (JLH).

• Dominicans suggest bruised leaves for bruises and sores (AHL).

• Dominicans suggest the antiscorbutic stimulant root as a diuretic in dropsy and jaundice (AHL).

• Dutch Antilleans use the cooled plant decoction as a collyrium (JFM).

• Lebanese suggest the use of the tea alone, with or interchangebly with true anise, for baby colic (HJP).

• Peruvians use the seeds for cancerous indurations and as lactagogues (JLH).

• Peruvians use foliar or seed infusion as a diuretic (EGG).

• Peruvians use the plant juice as an antiseptic and carminative (EGG).

• Venezuelans use the decoction as carminative, diuretic, lactagogue, and soporific (JFM).

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