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Roots dug and consumed in the Sahara (UPW). The sugary secretion (manna) is edible, occurring in small round grains, consisting mostly of sugars: melizitose, 47.1; sucrose, 26.4; and invert sugar, 11.6% (BIB); 1-2 g herb (KAP); 48-96 ml herb decoction (KAP).

Ayurvedics regard the plant for anorexia, bronchosis, cerebrosis, constipation, dermatosis, epistaxis, fever, leprosy, obesity, and thirst (KAB).

• Israelis boil root, steep overnight, strain, and drink 2 to 3 x day for kidney sand (PAY).

• Israelis boil root until the water is half gone, drinking it to stop bloody diarrhea (PAY).

• Israelis expose rheumatic pain to the crushed root steam (PAY).

• Israelis take seed tea for constipation, hemorrhoids, spleen infections, and stomachache (PAY).

• Konkani smoke the plant with ajwan seed, black datura, and tobacco for asthma (KAB).

• Ormara natives apply root decoction topically on abscesses and swelling (KAB).

• Romans used the plant for nasal polyps (UPW).

• Unani view the plant as alexiteric, aperient, using for corneal opacities, hemicrania, and hemorrhoids; they used the manna as aperient, aphrodisiac, cholagogue, depura-tive, expectorant, using it for asthma, eruptions, hemorrhoids, nausea, and smallpox (KAB).

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Coping with Asthma

Coping with Asthma

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