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Green fruits eaten raw or diced and added to soups, fresh or dried; seeds used to curdle milk; leaves of some cultivars. edible cooked in soups; used as vegetable rennet (BIB; FAC; TAN; UPW).

• Arabians boil berries in oil to make eardrops (GHA).

• Arabians direct smoke from burning dried berries toward hemorrhoids (GHA).

• Congolese use leaf sap as expectorant in bronchosis and spasmodic coughs, a throat paint for laryngitis, quinsy, sore throat, and tonsilitis (UPW).

• Ethiopians use the leaf for bloat and epistaxis; the fruit for calculus, constipation, gonorrhea, itch, renitis, and wounds; the root for gonorrhea; and the ash for scabies (BIB).

• Europeans in South Africa use the fruit juice for dandruff (BIB).

• Guinea natives gargle the decoction or tea for sore throat or take for dyspepsia or stomachache (UPW).

• Omani insert sore fingers in fruits to draw out pus (GHA).

• Paniya women use as contraceptive, while barren Nigerians viewed as fertility symbol (BIB).

• Pedi take roasted plant for pleurisy, pneumonia, the decoction for other chest problems (KAB).

• South Africans poultice fruits onto external benign tumors (JLH).

• Sutos of South Africa use plant for sore throat and toothache (KAB).

• Taiwanese use the rhizomes for hepatitis (ZUL).

• Tanganyikans insert flower in ear for earache (UPW)

• Tanganyikans use root for abdominal pain, carbuncles, and hepatosis; the fruit for snakebite; and the gall for earache (BIB).

• Tanzanians use for dandruff, dermatosis, earache, gonorrhea, hepatosis, pneumonia, ringworm, sore, syphilis, and wounds (ZUL).

• Yemeni and Dhofari inhale smoke from burning seeds for toothache (GHA).

• Zimbabweans use roots for dysmenorrhea; gastrointestinal, respiratort, and venereal complaints; and toothache (ZUL).

• Zulu use the juice of the plant for ringworm (BIB).

Downsides (Bitter-Apple):

"Aqueous fruit extract causes skin carcinoma in animals" (HDN). Unripe fruit and other parts poisonous to animals, inducing bloat, colic, diarrhea, paralysis, polypnea, salivation, and tachycardia (ZUL).

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