Dosages Benzoin

In the United States, Sumatra benzoin (S. benzoin and S. paralleoneurus) is more customarily used in pharmaceutical preparations, Siam benzoin (S. tonkinensis et al.) in the flavor and fragrance industries; for example, in alcoholic beverages, baked goods, beverages, candy, desserts, gelatins, and puddings, the highest average maximum level was circa 0.014% in baked goods and candies. Benzoin adds the gloss to chocolate eggs, the turbidity to syrups, and some of the flavor to baked goods, candies, chewing gums, gelatins, ice creams, puddings, and soft drinks (DAD; FAC). For topical Friar's or Turlington's Balsam (each 100 ml contains an alcohol extract from 10 g benzoin, 8 g storax, 4 g balsam of Tolu, and 2 g aloe); for cold sores, cracked skin, and indolent ulcers (BIB).

• Malayans have used a reddish root extract to kill butterfly larvae (Parasa herbifera) (IHB).

• Malayans use benzoin for cracked feet and circumcisions (IHB).

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Allergic To Everything

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