Dosages Balm of Gilead

Stem juice sweet when chewed; ripe fruits edible; leaves used for fodder; underbark used as tea substitute (GHA; HOC).

• Christians dissolved bits of myrrh in wine as a digestive (BIB).

• Dhofari Arabs rub the resin over the body as a deodorant (GHA).

• Dhofari Arabians use the bark and resin as a cosmetic, and a soothing agent for dogbite (GHA).

• Dhofari Arabs use water from boiled bark to lighten skin color (GHA).

• Isfahans swallowed a few fruits, whole, for colds and shivering (BIB).

• Lebanese use the myrrhs similarly, as carminative, fumitory, and vulnerary, using dried fruits for gastric problems and flu. They direct the smoke onto wounds (HJP).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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