Dosages African Myrrh

Roots are dug and consumed raw in parts of Africa; fruit pulp also eaten.

• Africans chew the stems to cleanse the teeth (BIB).

• Ivory Coastals and Upper Voltans take the decoction for male sterility (UPW).

• Kenyans use the fruit as an oral hemostat and styptic (UPW).

• Nigerians use root decoction as taenicide (60 g powdered seed in water for tapeworm); Nigerian Fula use decoction for insanity (UPW).

• Ronga use the remedy for stomach troubles (UPW).

• Tanganyikans poultice stiff neck caused by chills with root decoction, and take the root decoction for childbirth, diarrhea, and stomachache; they eat pounded bark for malaria (UPW).

• Tropical Africans apply the resinous exudate as a plaster for fever and spasms (BIB).

• West Africans hold their face over the steaming pot for eye inflammations (BIB).

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