Common Names Cinnamon

Like spice dealers, I once aggregated cinnamon and cassia, so many of the common names, activities, and indications below could well apply to either species. I would not hesitate to use one or the other for the indication of one or the other. Many of the reported studies were, in fact, performed on purchased materials that may have been one or the other or a mixture of the two. Who really knows which they studied if the material they studied had already been reduced to powdered bark (JAD).

Medicinal Leaves From Haiti
FIGURE 1.26 Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum).

Aakerpatri (Tel.; WO2); Arbol de la Canela (Sp.; KAB); Bahugandha (Sanskrit; KAB); Bois de Cannelle (Fr.; KAB); Bojevar (Bom.; KAB); Canalleira da India (Por.; AVP); Canela (Cr.; Sp.; AVP; USN); Canela de Ceilán (Cuba; Dr.; Sp.; AVP); Canela de Ceylán (Sp.; AVP); Canela de Ceylán (Cuba; RyM); Canela de India (Por.; AVP); Canaleiro (Por.; USN); Canelero de Ceilán (Sp.; USN); Canelo (Sp.; AVP); Cannalavangapattai (Tam.; KAB; WOI); Cannelier (Guad.; Seychelles; AVP; KAB); Cannelier de Ceylan (Fr.; USN); Cannella (It.; EFS); Cannella di Ceylon (It.; KAB); Cannelle (Fwi.; Haiti; AVP); Cannelle de Ceylan (Fr.; EFS); Cannelle Aromatique (Guad.; AVP); Ceylonzimt (Ger.; USN); Ceylonzimtbaum (Ger.; USN); Ceylon Cinnamon (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; EFS); Ceylon Kaneel (Dutch; EFS); Ceylon Kanel (Den.; Swe.; EFS; KAB); Ceylon Cimtbaum (Ger.; EFS); Ceylonzimt (Ger.; KAB); Cheriyilaivannam (Mal.; DEP); Chinese Cassia (Eng.; MPI); Chitari (Peru; Shipibo/ Conibo; EGG); Cinnamon (Eng.; Scn.; AH2; CR2; VOD); Cirfah (Arab.; Syria; HJP); Cynamon (Pol.; HH2); Daichini (Guj.; DEP); Dalachini (Kan.; DEP); Dalchini (Beng.; Dec.; Hindi; Mar.; Nepal; DEP; SUW); Dalochini (Oriya; WO2); Darachini (Mar.; KAB); Darchini (Urdu; KAB); Darasini (Arab.; NAD); Darchini (Pun.; DEP); Darchinisailaniyah (Iran; KAB); Darsini (Arab.; Syria; DEP; HJP);

Daruchini (Beng.; Guj.; Hindi; Kan.; Kas.; Mah.; NAD); Darushila (Sanskrit; SKJ); Dasamchakkaluk (Tel.; MPI); Echter Ceylonzimt (Ger.; USN); Gudatvak (Sanskrit; DEP); Gudatwoko (Oriya; KAB); Hmanthin (Burma; KAB); Ijin (Tulu; KAB); Ilayanngam (Tam.; WO2); Kalphah (Bom.; NAD); Kanèl (Creole; Haiti; VOD); Kanèl dès Indes (Creole; Haiti; VOD); Karitsa (Rus.; KAB); Karruwa (Tam.; DEP); Kaya Manis (Malaya; EFS); Kevei (China; NAD); Kinnamomum (Greek; NAD); Kin-namon (Bib.; ZOH); Kirfa (Pun.; KAB; NAD); Korica (Rus.; HH2); Kukhi taj (Nepal; SUW); Kulit Manis (Malaya; NAD); Kurundo (Sin.; NAD); Kuruva (Sri.; KAB); Lavanga (Kadir; KAB); Lavanga Patta (Mal.; DEP); Lavangachakke (Kan.; KAB); Lowangapatta (Mal.; Tam.; Tel.; NAD); Lulingyaw (Burma; DEP); Malabar Leaf (Egypt; JLH); Qalamidarchini (Beng.; Dec.; Hindi; KAB); Qirfahe-sailaniyah (Arab.; KAN); Qualami (Dec.; NAD); Rassu Kurundu (Singh.; DEP; KAB); Saila Myah (Iran; NAD); Salikhah (Arab.; Syria; HJP); Sanalinga (Tel.; DEP); Sannalavanga (Tel.; KAB); Scorti-soare (Rom.; KAB); Seylan Tarçina (Tur.; EFS); Skoricovnik Ceylonsky (Che.; HH2); Taj (Bom.; Guj.; DEP); Tali Khahe (Iran; DEP); Tamalapatra (Sanskrit; WOI); Tarcin (Tur.; KAB); Timbootikyoobo (Burma; NAD); Tiqui (Kon.; KAB); True Cinnamon (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; VOD); Tvach (India; JLH); Tvak (Ayu.; AH2); Twak (Sanskrit; MPI); Varangam (Sanskrit; NAD); Vazhana (Mal.; WO2); Zimmt (Ger.; NAD); Zimtbaum (Ger.; USN); Zimtlorbeerbaum (Ger.; EFS).

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