Common Names Benzoin

An Hsi Hsiang (China; EFS); Árbol de Benjuí (Sp.; USN); Arbre à Benjoin (Fr.; USN); Asilbent (Tur.; EFS); Bantung (Sumatra; IHB); Belzuino (It.; EFS); Benjamin Tree (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2); Benjoim de

Sumatra (Por.; HH2); Benjoin (Fr.; EFS); Benjoin de Sumatra (Fr.; HH2); Benjui (Sp.; EFS); Benjui de Sumatra (Sp.; HH2); Benzoe Baum (Ger.; EFS); Benzoe Boom (Dutch; EFS); Benzoin Tree (Eng.; Scn.; AH2); Estoraque (Sp.; EFS); Gum Benjamin Tree (Eng.; EFS); Gum Benzoin (Eng.; HH2); Kamanan (Malaya; EFS); Kamayan (Malaya; EFS); Kaminan (Malaya; EFS); Kemenjan (Malaya; EFS); Kemenyan (Indonesia; Java; Sumatra; IHB; USN); Luban (Beng.; Bom.; Hindi; India; EFS; SKJ); Manan (Malaya; EFS); Mellaina (It.; EFS); Minan (Malaya; EFS); Ngan Si Hsiang (China; EFS); Onycha (Eng.; USN); Pokok Kemenyan (Malaya; IHB); Shambirani (Madras; SKJ); Shan Fan Ye (Pin.; DAA); Siam Storace Benzoino (It.; EFS); Storaxbaum (Ger.; USN); Styraxtree (Eng.; USN); Sumatra Benzoin (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; HH2); Sumatra Benzointree (Eng.; USN); Talanan (Sumatra; IHB); Snowbell (Eng.; EFS); Wohlriechender Asant-Baum (Ger.; EFS).

Allergic To Everything

Allergic To Everything

The human body And Todays chemical infested world. Here is a news flash You are not allergic to pollen, pet dander, or whatever it is that makes your body revolt Rather, your body just can not handle that one thing, what ever it is, anymore, due to the massive barrage of toxic chemicals you and everyone else are ingesting every single day.

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