Carob ceratonia siliqua l fabaceae caesalpiniaceae

Notes (Carob):

John had his raiment of camels hair, and a leathern girdle about his loins; and his meat was locusts and wild honey.

Matthew 3:4 (KJV)

This is one of the most important tree species in the Middle Eastern vegetation type known as maquis, with Pistacia. Arab proverbs hint that the carob tree is cursed, and one should not sleep under it. And yet, carob is widely cultivated for its fruit and seeds, both high in sugar and calcium, low in protein and fats. It is used in "health foods" as a chocolate substitute. A single carob tree may yield 800 pounds of fruit. The seeds are said to be the ancient weight used by goldsmiths, and instituted from early times as carat weight. Seeds commanded a high price; singers imagined they cleared the voice. Carob is also used in textile printing, synthetic resins, insecticides, and fungicides. American imports were mostly used in tobacco flavorings and cosmetics, but have now moved into the health food arena. In the Prodigal Son story, the younger son asked for his inheritance, which he then spent quickly and unwisely. When he had no money or food left, he hired out as a swine tender. Because he had no bread, he wanted to eat the carob pods being fed to swine. On April 25, 1982, in Burtonsville, Maryland, carob-coated walnuts sold for $2.89 a pound, more fitting for a profligate son. The price is more than twice that today.

Common Names (Carob):

Abernid (Ber.; BOU); Albero della Carroba (It.; HH3); Alfarrobeira (Mad.; Por.; JAD; KAB); Algaroba; (Sp.; DEP); Algarroba; (Sp.; Peru; EGG; RAR; VAD); Algarroba del Libano (Sp.; EFS); Algarroba Europeo (Sp.; EFS); Algarrobeira (Por.; USN); Bockshornbaum (Ger.; HH3); Bread Bean (Eng.; KAB); Carob (Eng.; Scn.; AH2; CR2); Carob Bean (Eng.; HH3); Carob Tree (Eng.; BOU); Caroba (Sp.; USN); Carobe (It.; KAB); Carobo (It.; KAB); Carobole (It.; KAB); Caroube (Fr.; USN); Caroubier (Fr.; BOU; EFS; KAB); Caroubier a Siliques (Fr.; TAN); Carouge (Fr.; HH3; KAB); Caruba (Ger.; KAB); Carrubio (It.; DEP; KAB); Carrubo (It.; Malta; EFS; KAB); Ceratonia (Peru; EGG); Chechire Gum (Eng.; HH3); Curenecillo (Sp.; SOU); Garrofe (Cat.; KAB); Garrofero (Sp.; EFS; KAB); Goma de Garrofin (Sp.; VAD); Guainella (It.; HH3; KAB); Hansbrod (Den.; EFS); Harruba (Malta; KAB); Haruv (Heb.; ZOH); Haruvim (Heb.; ZOH); Ikidou (Ber.; BOU); Inago Mame (Japan; TAN); Jans Broodboom (Dutch; KAB); Johannisbrod (Swe.; KAB); Johannisbrotbaum (Ger.; KAB; USN); Johannisbrotkehrmehl (Ger.; HH3); Johnsbread Tree (Enf.; EFS);

Caruba Beans
FIGURE 1.22 Carob (Ceratonia siliqua).

Karobbaum (Ger.; KAB); Karobenbaum (Ger.; HH3); Karobenboom (Dutch; KAB); Keciboynuzu agaci (Tur.; EFS); Keratia (Greek; KAB); Keration (Heb.; BI2); Keratonia (Greek; KAB); Khar-nub (Arab.; Pun.; BOU; DEP; KAB); Kharnub Nupti (Arab.; Pun.; DEP); Kharnub Shami (Arab.; DEP); Kharroub (Arab.; BOU); Kharrouba (Arab.; BOU); Kharrub (Arab.; Syria; HJP); Kharruh (Arab.; BI2); Khirnub (Arab.; KAB); Locust Bean (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; WO2); Locust Tree (Eng.; BOU; WO2); Meccaniamli (Pun.; WO2); Pain de Jean Baptiste (Fr.; EFS); Pane di Santo Giovanni (It.; HH3); Qarmatit (Yemen; GHA); Ribba (Arab.; BOu); Rojkovvi (Rus.; KAB); Roscov (Rom.; KAB); Selarwa (Ber.; BOU); Sodbrodbaum (Ger.; KAB); St. John's Bean (Eng.; SKJ; ZOH); St. John's Bread (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; BOU; SKJ); Tikherroubt (Ber.; BOU); Tikida (Ber.; BOU); Tikidat (Ber.; BOU); Tikidit (Ber.; BOU); Tisliwha (Ber.; BOU).

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