African myrrh commiphora africana a rich engl burseraceae

Notes (African Myrrh):

... there is bdellium and the onyx stone

Genesis 2:12 (KJV)

Bdellium is just another variant on the many myrrhs. The tree that provides the aromatic gum known as bdellium grew in the territory east of Persia. When the bark was incised, gum would ooze out "the bigness of a white olive." Gum removed from the bark of the tree would soon harden, become transparent and waxlike, and resemble a pearl. In Tabore and Ugugo, Africa, the gum was melted with butter as a perfume. Egyptian women carried pouches of bdellium, for a delightful perfume. In West Africa, the resin is used as an insecticide believed to repel termites. The wood is used for beads, the stems as a chewstick (BIB). Bdellium is a folk cancer remedy for indurations of the liver and sinews, tumors of the spleen, polyps, carcinomata, and scirrhus. In tropical Africa, the resinous exudate is sometimes applied as a plaster for fever and spasms. Washed bark, mixed with salt is used for snakebite. Pounded leaves with millet are taken with milk as a stomachic. Ronga use the remedy for stomach troubles. The plant is regarded as a stomachic and collyrium. West Africans hold their face over the steaming pot for eye inflammations (BIB). Because of its readiness to strike root from cuttings, many ethnic groups associate the tree and the myrrh with immortality. For example, African Tuaregs consider the plant a symbol of immortality (UPW).

Common Names (African Myrrh):

I find it confusing that AHP designated myrrh as the Standardized Common Name for Commiphora africana, Commiphora erythracea, Commiphora madagascariensis, Commiphora molmol, Commiphora myrrha, and Commiphora schimperi, while Zohary says myrrh is identical with Commiphora abyssinica, which the USDA Nomenclature database equates with Commiphora habessinica.

FIGURE 1.30 African Myrrh (Commiphora Africana).

Adras (Arab.; Sen.; UPW); Adres (Arab.; Mali; Mauritania; UPW); African Bdellium (Eng.; UPW); African Myrrh (Eng.; UPW); Badadi (Fula; Mali; UPW); Barakanti (Bambara; Upper Volta; UPW); Bdellium (Eng.; JLH); Bdellium d'Afrique (Fr.; UPW); Gafal (Arab.; Niger; UPW); Kuénu (Togo; UPW); Kussum (Chamba; Nig.; UPW); Myrrh Africaine (Fr.; UPW); Narga (Ghana; UPW).

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