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Abortifacient (f; HJP); Anthelmintic (f1; HJP; X7162537); Antienteritic (f; DAW); Antigastritic (f; DAW); Antihemolytic (1; FNF); Antileishmanic (1; X11346978); Antiophidic (1; FNF); Antiseptic (1; BOU; DAW; X8786657); Antispasmodic (f1; CWW; DAW; EB22:165); Antiulcer (1; CWW); Ascaricide (1; GHA); Bactericide (1; Yashphe et al., 1995); Decongestant (f; DAW); Diuretic (f; HJP); Emmenagogue (f; BOU; DAW); Febrifuge (f; BOU; DAW); Fungicide (1; CWW); Gastro-acidulant (1; X10189949); Gastroprotective (1; X10189949); Hemostat (f; DAW); Hyperglycemic (1; X8786657); Hypoglycemic (1; X8786657); Hypolipidemic (1; CWW); Hypotensive (1; CWW); Insecticide (1; BOU); Parasiticide (1; BOU); Stimulant (f; BOU); Tonic (f; BOU); Vermifuge (f; BOU; DAW; HJP; X7162537).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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