Activities Wheat

Antibilious (f; BIB); Antiinflammatory (f1; VAD); Antiseptic (f; BIB); Antivinous (f; BIB); Aphrodisiac (f; KAB); Apopotic (1; X12681494); Bulking (1; SHT); Demulcent (f; BIB); Discutient (f; BIB); Emollient (f; BIB; ROE); Hypocalcemic (1; VAD); Hypocholesterolemic (1; VAD); Hypoglycemic (1; VAD); Hypolipemic (1; VAD); Lactagogue (f; ROE); Laxative (2; BGB; PH2; KAB; SHT); Lipolytic (1; PH2); Orexigenic (f; KAB); Peristaltic (1; PH2); Refrigerant (f; TIB); Sedative (f; BIB); Vulnerary (f; BIB).

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Essential Aromatherapy

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