Activities Spiny Cocklebur

Acaricide (1; MPG); Antifertility (f; VAD); Antiinflammatory (f; VAD; Antileukemic (1; MPG); Anti-MDR (1; X9364417); Antiseptic (f1; VAD; WOI); Antispasmodic (f; VAD); Antitumor (1; MPG); Astringent (f; VAD); Bactericide (1; MPG); Cicatrizant (f; VAD); CNS Depressant (1; MPG); Contraceptive (1; MPG); Depurative (f; HJP); Diaphoretic (f; DAW); Digestive (f; MPG); Diuretic (f; VAD); Emollient (f; MPG); Febrifuge (f; VAD); Hemostat (f; EFS); Hepatoprotective (f; VAD); Insulin Sparing (1; MPG); Laxative (f; VAD); Sedative (f; HJP); Sialagogue (f; EFS; VAD); Sudorific (f; VAD); Tonic (f; HJP).

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