Activities Peelu

Alexiteric (f; KAB); Analgesic (f; WOI); Antidote (f; KAB; X15890471); Antiplasmodial (1; X12426089); Antiplaque (1; X3505835); Antiscorbutic (f; WOI); Antiseptic (1; X11887585; X15890471); Antiulcer (1; PHM6:363); Aphrodisiac (1; DEP; KAB); Ascarifuge (f; WOI); Astringent (f; WOI); Biliousnesss (f; WOI); Candidicide (1; X7898373); Carminative (f1; BOU; KAB; UPW; WOI); Deobstruent (f; KAB; WOI); Diuretic (f; BOU; KAB; FP2; WOI); Emetic (f; UPW); Emmenagogue (f; WOI); Febrifuge (f; WOI); Fungicide (1; X7898373); Hepatotonic (f; WOI); Laxative (f; GHA); Litholytic (f; WOI); Orexigenic (f; BOU; KAB); Purgative (f; DEP; WOI); Sedative (1; PR16:395); Sialogogue (f; UPW); Stimulant (f; WOI); Stomachic (f; BOU; WOI); Tonic (f; BOU; WOI); Vesicant (f; WOI).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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