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Analgesic (f1; CAN; DEM; PH2; X15013182); Anesthetic (f1; PH2); Anthelmintic (f; CRC; KAB; NPM; SUW); Antiadrenaline (1; FAD); Antiaging (f; NP9(2):10); Antiallergic (f1; MAB); Antiaro-matase (1; SHT); Antiarthritic (f1; PH2); Antiasthmatic (fl; CRC; DAW; NPM); Anticancer (f1; JLH; MAB); Anticomplementary (1; HH3); Anticonvulsant (1; CAN); Antiedemic (f1; FT68:387; MAB); Antiexudative (1; HH3); Antihemorrhagic (f; CAN); Antihistaminic (1; WAM); AntiHIV (1; PH2); Antihidrotic (f; MAD); Antihyperglycemic (1; FT74:677); Antiinflammatory (f1; FT68:387; MAB; PH2; X11962753); Antileukotriene (1; PP2); Antioxidant (1; X15013182); Antiperoxidant (1; X15013182); Antiproliferant (1; NP9(2):10); Antiprostatitic (2; KOM; MAB); Antiradicular (1; X15013182); Antirheumatic (f12; MAB; PH2; X11950004); Antiseptic (f1; BUR; CRC; PED); Antispasmodic (f; PED); Antitumor (f1; PED); Antiulcer (1; X15013182); Antiviral (1; MAB; FT68:387); Aphrodisiac (f; MAD); Aquaretic (1; SHT); Aromatase Inhibitor (1; HH3); Astringent (f1; CRC; MAB; PNC; SUW); Bactericide (1; FAD; MAB; WOI); Bitter (f; PED); Bradycardic (1; CAN; FT74:677); Choleretic (f; NP9(2):10); CNS Depressant (1; FAD); CVI (f1; APA; BGB); Cycloox-ygenase Inhibitor (1; MAB; PH2); Cytotoxic (1; MAB); Depurative (f; BIB; FAD; MAB; PED); Diuretic (f12; CRC; PHR; PH2; PNC; SUW; NP9(2):10); Elastase Inhibitor (1; MAB); Emmena-gogue (f; APA; CRC; EFS; KAB; PED; SUW); Expectorant (f; MAD; PED); Fungicide (1; HH3; MAB); Hematogenic (f1; EFS; FAD; PH2; WAM); Hemostat (f1; CAN; MAB; MAD; PED); Hepa-totonic (f; BRU; NP9(2):10); Histaminic (1; FNF); Hyperglycemic (1; APA; CAN); Hypoglycemic (f1; CAN; PNC; FT74:677; NP9(2):10; EB49:406); Hypotensive (f1; CAN; NP9(2):10); FT74:677); Hypothermic (f1; CAN); Immunosupressant (1; X11950004); Impotence (f; TGP); Insecticide (f; NPM); Insectifuge (f; AAH); Insulinogenic (1; NP9(2):10); Interferonigenic (1; CAN); Lactagogue (f1; APA; CRC; HAD; MAD; NMH); Laxative (f; BGB); 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor (1; MAB; PH2); Litholytic (f12; MAD; NP9(2):10); Mastogenic (1; HAD); Metal Chelator (1; X15013182); Metal-loproteinase Inhibitor (1; NP9(2):10; X11962753); Mitogenic (f; FAD); Myorelaxant (f; BGB); Natriuretic (1; FT74:677); Pancreatonic (1; FNF); Purgative (f; EFS); Rubefacient (f; CRC); Stimulant (f; EFS); Tonic (f; MAB; PNC); Uterotonic (1; APA; CAN); Vasoconstrictor (f; BIB; CRC); Vasorelaxant (1; NP9(2):10); Vermifuge (f; BGB; CRC; PED); Vulnerary (f; MAD).

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Whether you call it erectile dysfunction, ED, impotence, or any number of slang terms, erection problems are something many men have to face during the course of their lifetimes.

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