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Analgesic (f1; CAN; DEM; PH2; X15013182); Anesthetic (f1; PH2); Anthelmintic (f; CRC; KAB; NPM; SUW); Antiadrenaline (1; FAD); Antiaging (f; NP9(2):10); Antiallergic (f1; MAB); Antiaro-matase (1; SHT); Antiarthritic (f1; PH2); Antiasthmatic (fl; CRC; DAW; NPM); Anticancer (f1; JLH; MAB); Anticomplementary (1; HH3); Anticonvulsant (1; CAN); Antiedemic (f1; FT68:387; MAB); Antiexudative (1; HH3); Antihemorrhagic (f; CAN); Antihistaminic (1; WAM); AntiHIV (1; PH2); Antihidrotic (f; MAD); Antihyperglycemic (1; FT74:677); Antiinflammatory (f1; FT68:387; MAB; PH2; X11962753); Antileukotriene (1; PP2); Antioxidant (1; X15013182); Antiperoxidant (1; X15013182); Antiproliferant (1; NP9(2):10); Antiprostatitic (2; KOM; MAB); Antiradicular (1; X15013182); Antirheumatic (f12; MAB; PH2; X11950004); Antiseptic (f1; BUR; CRC; PED); Antispasmodic (f; PED); Antitumor (f1; PED); Antiulcer (1; X15013182); Antiviral (1; MAB; FT68:387); Aphrodisiac (f; MAD); Aquaretic (1; SHT); Aromatase Inhibitor (1; HH3); Astringent (f1; CRC; MAB; PNC; SUW); Bactericide (1; FAD; MAB; WOI); Bitter (f; PED); Bradycardic (1; CAN; FT74:677); Choleretic (f; NP9(2):10); CNS Depressant (1; FAD); CVI (f1; APA; BGB); Cycloox-ygenase Inhibitor (1; MAB; PH2); Cytotoxic (1; MAB); Depurative (f; BIB; FAD; MAB; PED); Diuretic (f12; CRC; PHR; PH2; PNC; SUW; NP9(2):10); Elastase Inhibitor (1; MAB); Emmena-gogue (f; APA; CRC; EFS; KAB; PED; SUW); Expectorant (f; MAD; PED); Fungicide (1; HH3; MAB); Hematogenic (f1; EFS; FAD; PH2; WAM); Hemostat (f1; CAN; MAB; MAD; PED); Hepa-totonic (f; BRU; NP9(2):10); Histaminic (1; FNF); Hyperglycemic (1; APA; CAN); Hypoglycemic (f1; CAN; PNC; FT74:677; NP9(2):10; EB49:406); Hypotensive (f1; CAN; NP9(2):10); FT74:677); Hypothermic (f1; CAN); Immunosupressant (1; X11950004); Impotence (f; TGP); Insecticide (f; NPM); Insectifuge (f; AAH); Insulinogenic (1; NP9(2):10); Interferonigenic (1; CAN); Lactagogue (f1; APA; CRC; HAD; MAD; NMH); Laxative (f; BGB); 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor (1; MAB; PH2); Litholytic (f12; MAD; NP9(2):10); Mastogenic (1; HAD); Metal Chelator (1; X15013182); Metal-loproteinase Inhibitor (1; NP9(2):10; X11962753); Mitogenic (f; FAD); Myorelaxant (f; BGB); Natriuretic (1; FT74:677); Pancreatonic (1; FNF); Purgative (f; EFS); Rubefacient (f; CRC); Stimulant (f; EFS); Tonic (f; MAB; PNC); Uterotonic (1; APA; CAN); Vasoconstrictor (f; BIB; CRC); Vasorelaxant (1; NP9(2):10); Vermifuge (f; BGB; CRC; PED); Vulnerary (f; MAD).

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Essential Aromatherapy

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