Activities Myrrh

Abortifacient (f; DEP); Analgesic (1; APA; BGB; WI3); Anesthetic (1; WI3; JNP64:1460); Anti-clastogenic (1; X7518189); Antiedemic (1; CAN; X9582001); Antiinflammatory (1; APA; BGB; PNC); Antioxidant (1; X9032627); Antipyretic (1; APA; CAN); Antiradicular (1; X9032627); Antirheumatic (1; BGB); Antiseptic (1; APA; BGB; FEL; PH2; PNC; SKY; WI3); Antispasmodic (f1; APA; DEP; EFS; PNC); Antithrombotic (1; X10353165); Antitumor (1; X7956458); Antiulcer (1; X9032627); Astringent (f12; APA; DEP; KOM; NAD; PH2; SKY; WI3); Bactericide (1; WI3; JNP64:1460); Carminative (f; BGB; PHR; PNC; WI3); Collyrium (f; DEP); Cytotoxic (1; JNP64:1460); Decongestant (f1; APA; DEP); Deodorant (1; BGB; HHB; WI3); Digestive (f; GHA; PH2); Emmenagogue (f; APA; DEP; FEL; NAD); Expectorant (f; DEP; EFS; FEL; NAD; PHR; PH2; PNC; WI3); Fasciolicide (12; X5125536); Fungicide (1; WI3; JNP64:1460); Gastroprotective (1; X9032627); Haematogenic (1; X11390128); Hepatoprotective (1; X15125513); Hypocholesterol-emic (1; CAN); Hypoglycemic (1; APA; CAN); Hypotriglyceridemic (1; CAN); Immunostimulant (1; APA; PNC); Lactagogue (f; DEP); Laxative (f; NAD); Larvicide (1; X11478451); Lipolytic (1; CAN); Mitodepressant (1; X7518189); Mosquitocide (1; X11478451); Mucogenic (1; X9032627); Orexigenic (f; PH2); Prostaglandigenic (1; X9032627); Schistosomicide (1; X15125513); Stimulant (f; APA; EFS; FEL; NAD); Stomachic (f; EFS; NAD); Thyrostimulant (1; X9032627); Tonic (f; DEP; EFS); Vermifuge (f; DEP); Vulnerary (f; PNC).

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