Activities Milk Thistle

Adrenergic (1; WOI); Alterative (f; BIB; EFS); Antiaggregant (1; ACT9:170); Antiallergic (1; MAB); Antiangiogenic (1; X12943822; NP9(2):6); Antibilious (f; APA); Anticarcinogenic (f1; MAB; NP9(2):6); Antidepressant (f; PNC); Antidiabetic (f1; ACT9:251; Antidotal (2; SHT); Antidote (mushroom) (f1; PH2); Antiedemic (f1; MAB; NP9(2):6); Antifibrotic CGH; Antihistaminic (1; MCK); Antiinflammatory (f1; BGB; MAB; WAM); Antileukotriene (1; MAB); Antimetastatic (1; X15224346); Antioxidant (12; MAB; SHT); Antiproliferant (1; HC020444-262; NP9(2):6); Antiprostaglandin (1; MAB); Antitelomerase (1; X15076315); Antitoxic (2; SHT); Antitumor (f1; MAB); Antitumor Promoter (1; NP9(2):6); Antiulcer (1; PR14:581); Antiviral (1; PNC); Aperient (f; BIB; WOI); Apoptotic (1; JN133:3861S; X15117815); Bitter (f1; PED); cAMP-Phosphodiester-ase Inhibitor (1; MAB); Caspase Activator (1; X15117815); Chemopreventive (1; NP9(2):6); Chola-gogue (f2; BIB; EFS; PHR); Choleretic (1; HHB; MAB; NP9(2):6); COX-2 Inhibitor (1; NP9(2):6); Cytoprotective (1; NP9(2):6); Cytotoxic (1; NP9(2):6); Demulcent (f; KAB; PNC; WOI); Depura-tive (f; EFS); Dermoprotective (1; X15586237); Diaphoretic (f; EFS; WOI); Digestive (1; WAM); Diuretic (f; HC020444-262); Emmenagogue (f; BIB; EFS; PHR; PH2); Expectorant (f; BIB); Febrifuge (f; EFS); Glutathionigenic (1; MAB); HDL-genic (1; HC020444-262); Hemostat (f; BIB); Hepatoprotective (2; KOM; SHT; WAM); Hepatoregenerative (2; KOM; MAB); Hypocholesterol-emic (1; MAB); Hypolipidemic (1; PNC); Hypotensive (1; MCK; ACT9:170); Hypotriglyceridemic (1; CGH); IKKbeta Inhibitor (1; X15617879); Immunostimulant (1; NP9(2):6); i-NOS Inhibitor (1; NP9(2):6); Lactogogue (f1; APA; BIB; HMM; NMH; WOI); Lipolytic (1; PNC); 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor (1; MAB); Litholytic (f; WOI); Nephroprotective (1; ACT9:170; NP9(2):6); Neuroprotective (1; ACT9:251); p450 Inducer (1; X12695340); p450 Inhibitor (1; X15155549); Pancreaprotective (1; MCK; X15325843); Peristaltic (1; WOI); p-Glycoprotein Inhibitor (1; X15072439); Phagocytotic (1; NP9(2):6); Photoprotective (1; NP9(2):6); PKC Inhibitor (1; X15070174); Purgative (f1; BIB; WOI); Radioprotective (1; NP9(2):6); SOD-genic (1; CGH); Stimulant (f; EFS; PHR); Sudorific (f; BIB; WOI); Sunscreen (1; MAB); Sympathicolytic (f; HHB); T-Cell Activator (1; NP9(2):6); TNF-alpha Inhibitor (1; NP9(2):6); Tonic (f1; BIB; EFS; PHR; WAM); Xanthine-oxidase Inhibitor (1; ACT9:170; X15070174; NP9(2):6).

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