Activities Ladanum

Alanyl-aminopeptidase Inhibitor (1; X11801385) Allergenic (1; X3365959); Antiaggregant (1; X15325737); Antileukemic (1; X9581515); Antioxidant (1; X10917563); Antiperoxidant (1; X10917563); Antiproliferant (1; X11801385); Antiradicular (1; X10917563); Antiseptic (1; JAD; X8134413); Antiulcer (1; X7784302); Astringent (f; EFS); Bactericide (1; JAD; X8134413); Can-didicide (1; JAD; X8134413); Cardioprotective (1; X15325737); Cytotoxic (1; X8134413); Dermo-protective (1; X10917563); Dipeptidylpeptidase-IV Inhibitor (1; X11801385); Diuretic (f; JAD); Emmenagogue (f; GMH); Expectorant (f; GMH; ZOH); Fungicide (1; JAD); Gastroprotective (1; X7784302); Gram(+)-icide (1; X9342956); Gram(-)-icide (1; X9342956); Hemostat (f; EFS); Myorelaxant (1; X15138007); Nervine (f; EFS); Purgative (f; EFS); Revulsive (f; EFS); Sedative (f; VAD): Spasmolytic (1; X15138007); Stimulant (f; GMH; ZOH); Vulnerary (f; BIB).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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