Activities Indian Gum Arabic Tree

Alexiteric (f; KAB); Algicide (1; ZUL); Amebicide (1; ZUL); Analgesic (1; X8982438); Anthelmintic (f; KAB); Antiaggregant (1; X9251908); Anticarcinogenic (1; WO3; X12616620); Antiedemic (1; X8982438); Antihepatitic (1; PR14:510); Antihistaminic (1; ZUL); AntiHIV (1; X10189947); Antihypertensive (1; X10594935); Anti-inflammatory (f1; X8982438); Antimalarial (1; X10479756); Antimutagenic (1; WO3; X12616620; X11850969); Antiplasmodial (1; X10479756); Antiplatelet (1; X9251908); Antioxidant (1; X11837686); Antiseptic (1; WO3); Antispasmodic (1; X10594935); Antitussive (f; BIB); Aphrodisiac (f; KAB; MPI; ZUL); Astringent (f; GMH; PH2; SUW); Bactericide (1; ZUL; X15476301); Calcium-Antagonist (1; X9251908); Chemopreventive (1; X11850969); Decongestant (f; BIB; EB22:173); Demulcent (f; BIB; DEP; SUW); Expectorant (f; KAB; MPI;

FIGURE 1.1 Indian Gum Arabic Tree (Acacia nilotica).

NAD); Fungicide (1; WO3); HCV-Protease Inhibitor (1; PR14:510); Hemostat (f; DEP; NAD); Hepa-totonic (f; KAB); Hypertensive (1; X10594939); Hypoglycemic (1; ZUL); Hypotensive (f1; BOU; ZUL; X10594935); Lactagogue (f1; BIB; UPW; 15283686); Mastogenic (1; X15283686); Mollus-cicide (1; ZUL); Neurostimulant (f; BIB; UPW); p-Glycoprotein Inhibitor (1; X12748979); Plas-modicide (1; X10479756); Protease Inhibitor (1; X11054840); Protisticide (1; ZUL); Spasmogenic (1; X10594939); Stimulant (f; BIB); Taenicide (1; ZUL); Teratologic (f; ZUL); Tonic (f; DEP; SUW); Vasoconstrictor (1; X10594939).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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