Activities Hollyhock

Analgesic (f1; BRU; X2504193); Antiaromatase (1; X12502186); Antidiaphoretic (f; BIB); Anti-edemic (f1; X2504193); Antiestrogenic (f1; X12502186); Antiinflammatory (f1; X2504193);

FIGURE 1.3 Hollyhock (Alcea rosea).

Aromatase Inhibitor (1; X12502186); Astringent (f; DEP); Circulostimulant (f; DAA); Demulcent (f; DEP; GMH); Diuretic (f; DEP; EGG); Emollient (f1; BRU; GMH); Expectorant (f; EFS); Febrifuge (f; DEP; LMP); Fungistat (f; FNF); Gastroprotective (1; FNF); Hypoglycemic (1; WO3); Refrigerant (f; DEP); Stomachic (f; LMP); Vasoprotective (1; FNF).

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