Activities Giant Milkweed

Abortifacient (f; HDN); Acaricide (1; X14620053); Alexiteric (f; KAB); Alterative (f; DEP; KAP); Analgesic (f1; KAB; MPB; X15848031); Anesthetic (f; HDN); Anthelmintic (1; HDN; KAB; X16085379); Anticoagulant (1; HDN); Anticonvulsant (1; X16446065); Antidiabetic (1; X16054794); Antiedemic (1; X15643548; X16192673); Antihistaminic (1; X16192673); Antiinflam-matory (1; HDN; KAB; MPB; X15643548; X16192673); Antinociceptive (1; X15848031); Antiox-idant (1; X16054794); Antiseptic (f; HDN); Antispasmodic (f1; DEP; GHA; KAP; X15752643); Antitumor (1; JFM; PH2; X15689169; X16688796); Anti-VEGF (1; X16688796); Anxiolytic (1; X16446065); Bactericide (1; HDN); Bitter (f; KAP); Cardioactive (1; X3086679); Cardiotonic

(f1; BOU; KAP; PH2); Curare (1; HDN); Depilatory (f; DEP; HDN; KAB; MPB); Diaphoretic (f; DEP; PH2; SUW); Digestive (f; KAB); Diuretic (f; HJP); Emetic (f; DEP; HJP; KAP; PH2; SUW); Expectorant (f; BOU; DEP; KAP; PH2; SUW); Febrifuge (1; HDN; X16106390); Fibrinolytic (1; HDN; X15922393); Fungicide (f; HJP); Gastrotonic (f; KAB); Hemostat (f; X15922393); Hepato-protective (1; HDN; X16688796); Hypertensive (1; HDN); Insecticide (1; HDN; JFM); Insectifuge (f; HDN); Larvicide (1; HDN; X12557934); Molluscicide (1; HDN); Nervine (f; DEP); Myorelaxant (1; X15752643); Neurotonic (f; GHA); Ovicide (1; HDN); Proteolytic (1; HDN; KAB; MPB; X15922393); Purgative (f; GHA; KAP; SUW); Respirastimulant (1; HDN); Rubefacient (f; DEP); Sedative (1; X16446065); Stimulant (f; KAB); Stomachic (f; EFS; KAB); Sudorific (f; EFS; KAP); Tonic (f; DEP; KAP); Tranquilizer (f; MPB); Uterotonic (1; HDN; KAP); Vasoconstrictor (1; HDN); Vermifuge (f1; HDN; X16085379); Vulnerary (f; HJP).

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