Activities Garlic

Acarifuge (1; KAL); ACE Inhibitor (1; NP6:1); Adaptogenic (1; X1588187G); Alterative (f; KAP; PED); Alexiteric (f; KAB); Amebicide (fl; APA; X111G167G); Analgesic (fl; BGB; ULW); Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (1; NP6:1); Anodyne (f; DAD); Androgenic (1; KAL); Anthelmintic (fl; KAL; WHO); Antiafla-toxin (1; X1394115); Antiaggregant (fl23; APA; FNF; KOM; PH2; SHT; VOD); Antiallergic (fl; AKT; JNl3l:lG75s); Antiandrogenic (1; DAD; JNl3l:lG75s); Antianemic (fl; JNl3l:lGl6s); Antiangiogenic (f; BO2); Antiarteriosclerotic (fl2; KAL); Antiarthritic (fl; KAL); Antiatherogenic (2; BGB; WHO); Antibiotic (fl2; AKT; PNC; PED); Anticancer (fl; KAL; SKY); Anticholinesterase (1; KAL); Anticol-lagenase (f; BO2); Antidiabetic (fl; KAL; PNC); Antidote (f; VOD; WO2); Antieicosanoid (1; BO2); Antifertility (1; KAL; WO2); Antifungal (fl2; KAL; SKY); Antigiardal (1; X111G167G); Antihepatotoxic (l; CAN; KAL); Antihypercholesterolemic (l; WHO); Antihyperglycemic (l; KAP); Antihyperlipidemic (1; WHO); Antihypertensive (fl; SKY; VOD; WHO); Antiinflammatory (fl; APA; BGB); Antiintegrase (1; KAL); Antiisoprene (1; BO2); Antileukemic (1; JNl3l:lG27s); Antilymphomic (1; BO2); Antimyco-bacterial (1; PR14:3G3); Antimycotic (fl2; BGB; KAL); anti-NF-kB (1; BO2; JNl3l:lG2Gs); Antinitro-saminic (1; VOD; JNl3l:lG27s); Antioxidant (1; AKT; KAL; PH2; SHT; WO3); Antiplatelet (1; WHO); Antiproliferant (1; X1589G236); Antiprostaglandin (1; WHO); Antipyretic (fl; WHO); Antiradicular (1; VOD); Antirheumatic (fl; KAL); Antiseptic (fl23; AKT; APA; GHA; PH2; PNC; SKY; VOD); Antisick-ling (1; JNl3l:lGl6s); Antispasmodic (fl; DLZ; PED; WHO); Antistress (1; KAL); Antithrombotic (fl; FAY; PH2; PNC); Anti-TNF (l; BO2); Antithyroid (l; KAL); Antitubercular (l; PRl4:3G3); Antitumor (fl; BGB; PNC); Antiulcer (fl; X11238826); anti-VEGF (1; BO2); Antiviral (1; AKT; APA; KAL; SKY); Aphrodisiac (fl; DAD; WHO); Apoptotic (1; BO2; X1589G236); Bactericide (2; AKT; FAD; KOM; SKY; WHO); Beta-Blocker (1; NP6:1); Calcium-Channel Blocker (1; NP6:1); Cardioprotective (fl; FNF; VOD; X1588187G); Cardiotonic (fl; AKT; JFM); Carminative (fl; PED; RIN; WHO); Choleretic (fl; MAM); Decongestant (fl; FAY); Detoxicant (f; AKT; FAY); Diaphoretic (f; JFM; PED; PNC); Digestive (fl; AKT; PED); Diuretic (fl; FAD; WHO); Edemagenic (1; WO3); Emmenagogue (fl; JFM; WHO); Estrogenic (1; KAL); Expectorant (f; PED; PNC; WOI); Fibrinolytic (123; APA; GHA; KAL; KOM; PH2); Fungicide (fl2; FAD; KOM; MAM); Gastroprotective (fl; FNF; VOD); Gastrotonic (f; KAB); Glutathiogenic (1; BO2; PH2; JNl3l:lGlGs); Hepatoprotective (1; BGB; JFM; WO3); Hyperglycemic (1; PNC); Hypocholes-terolemic (12; AKT; DAD; FAD; PH2; SHT); Hypoglycemic (fl; DAD; KAL; PED; PNC; X15738612); Hypolipidemic (fl; BGB; DAD; PED; PNC); Hypoperistaltic (2; WHO); Hypotensive (12; AKT; BGB; FAD; SHT); Hypotriglyceridemic (1; AKT; VOD); Hypouricemic (f; JFM); Immunostimulant (1; AKT; BGB; CAN; FAY; PED); Insectifuge (fl; KAL); Insulin-sparing (1; PNC); Interferonigenic (1; X11238818); Interleukenogenic (l; WO3); Lactogogue (f; NMH); Larvicide (l; WO2); Lipogenic (f; KAB); Lipolytic (12; KOM; PH2; SHT; WHO); Lymphocytogenic (1; AKT); Memorigenic (fl; GHA; JNl3l:lGl6s); Mucolytic (1; MAB); Myocontractant (1; CAN); Myorelaxant (1; CAN); Nervine (PED); NKC Enhancer (1; AKT; PH2); NO-genic (1; KAL); Orexigenic (f; KAB); Ovicide (1; WO3); Oxytocic (1; WO2); Parasiticide (fl; AKT); Phagocytotic (1; AKT; JNl3l:989s); Prooxidant (1; BO2); Protisticide (1; KAL); Radiopro-tective (JNl3l:lGlGs); Rubefacient (f; JFM); Sedative (l; WHO); Spermicide (l; KAL); Tonic (f; KAB); Vasodilator (1; SHT; WHO); Vermifuge (fl; AKT; APA; VOD); Vulnerary (fl; PED). (For much more information, see Koch and Lawson's excellent Garlic Book (KAL): I do not have time to read and rescore, but if they tabulate clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of whole garlic, it should get a 3.)

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