Activities Dandelion

Allergenic (1; CAN); Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitor (1; X15704495); Alterative (f; CRC); Antidote (f; AKT; TIB); Antiedemic (f1; CAN); Antiinflammatory (1; CAN; SHT); Antioxidant (1; CRC; X15543940); Antirheumatic (1; CAN); Antiseptic (1; CRC; FAD); Antispasmodic (SHT); Antitumor (1; CAN); Aperient (f; NPM; SUW); Aperitif (2; KOM; PIP); Apoptotic (1; X14687655); Aquaretic (SHT); Astringent (f; PED); Bactericide (1; CRC; WOI); Bifidogenic (1; AKT; X15567259); Bitter (1; APA; PED; SHT; SUW); Candidicide (1; CRC; FAD); Carminative (2; APA; KOM); Cholagogue (f12; BIB; KOM; PH2; SHT; WAM); Cholekinetic (SHT); Choleretic (f12; APA; KOM; SHT; VAD); COX-2 Inhibitor (1; X15543940); Cytotoxic (1; X14687655); Demulcent (f; FAD); Deobstruent (f; BUR); Depurative (f; CRC; JFM; VAD); Detoxicant (f; AKT); Diaphoretic (f; KAP); Digestive (f; APA; SKY); Diuretic (f12; AKT; APA; HH3; KOM; NPM; SUW; VAD; WAM); Hepatotonic (f1; CAN; NAD; PED); Hypoglycemic (1; CAN; CRC; JAC7:405; X15704495); IL-1alpha Inducer (1; X14687655); Immunostimulant (1; JAC7:405); iNOS Inhibitor (1; X15543940); Insulinogenic (1; X14750205); Intoxicant (f; BIB); Lactagogue (f; CRC; LMP; NMH; PED; PH2); Laxative (f1; APA; BIB; CAN; SUW; VAD; WAM); Litholytic; (f1; PED); Natriuretic (1; JAD); Orexigenic (f12; AKT; BGB; JFM; KOM; VAD); Pancreaprotective (1; X15641154); Phototoxic (1; CRC); Prebiotic (1; AKT; FNF); Saluretic (12; BGB; HH3; PH2); Secretogogue (f1; PH2; X14750205); Sialogogue (1; APA); Stimulant (f; CRC); Stomachic (f1; APA; BIB; CRC; PED); Sudorific (f; CRC); TNF-alpha Inducer (1; X14687655); Tonic (f; BGB; CRC; NPM; SUW).

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