Activities Chicory

Alexiteric (f; KAB); Allergenic (f1; FAH; WO3); Alterative (f; NAD); Analgesic (f; KAB); Antibilious (f; WO2); Antiexudative (1; HH2; PHR; PH2); Antifeedant (1; WO3); Antiinflammatory (f1; APA; FAD; PNC; X15649409); Antilipogenic (f1; ORAFTI9); Antimalarial (f1; X15507374); Antimetastatic (1; X15877900); Antimutagenic (1; APA); Antioxidant (1; FAH; X12137499; X15800389); Antiradicular (1; X12137499); Antiseptic (1; FAD); Antispermatogenic (1; WO2); Antisteatotic (1; ORAFTI9); Bactericide (1; FAD; WO2; X15567253); Bifidogenic (1; FNF); Bitter (f1; FAH; HHB); Bradycardic (1; WO2); Cerebroprotective (1; X16218660); Cardiodepressant (1; FAD; PNC); Cardiotonic (1; FAD); Carminative (f; DEP; WO2); Cerebrotonic (f; WO2); Chemopreventive (1; X15877900); Cholagogue (f1; BOU; PHR; PH2; VVG; WO2); Choleretic (f12; ABA; BOU; KOM; PH2; VVG); COX-2 Inhibitor (1; X15649409); Decongestant (f; DEP); Demulcent (f; DEP; GHA; WBB); Depurative (f; BOU; EGG; HHB; VVG); Digestive (f1; APA; FAH; NAD; WBB; WO2); Diuretic (f1; BOU; FAD; FAH; PNC; VVG; WO2); Emmenagogue (f; DEP; KAB; WBB; WO2); Febrifuge (f; BOU; GHA); Hepato-protective (1; APA; VVG; WO2); Hypocholesterolemic (1; FAH; PHR; PH2); Hypoglycemic (1; FAD); Hypotensive (1; VAD); Laxative (f1; APA; BOU; FAD; FAH; GHA; PNC); Lipolytic (f1; FAH); Negative Chronotropic (1; PH2); Negative Inotropic (1; PH2); Nervine (f; DEM; FAH); Neuroprotective (1; X16218660); Orexigenic (f1; APA; BOU; FAH; VAG; VVG); Peristaltic (1; WO2); Phytoalexin (1; WO3); Prebiotic (1; X15649409); Refrigerant (f; DEP); Sedative (f1; APA; FAD; GMH); Stomachic (f; HHB; WO2); Syndrome X (1; ORAFTI9); Tonic (f; APA; BOU; FAH; PNC; VVG); Xanthine-Oxidase Inhibitor (1; X12203269).

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Essential Aromatherapy

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