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Allergenic (1; X15662964); Anthelmintic (f; KAB; WO2); Antianemic (1; FNF); Antiatherogenic (1; MPI); Antibilious (f; DEP; MPI); Anticervisotic (1; FNF); Anticheilitic (1; FNF); Anticoronary (1; FNF); Antidementic (1; FNF); Antidepressant (1; FNF); Antigingivitic (1; FNF); Antiglossitic

(1; FNF); Antigout (1; FNF); Antihyperlipidemic (1; WO3); Antiinfertility (1; FNF); Antiinflammatory (f; KAB); Antileukemic (1; WO3); Antimetaplastic (1; FNF); Antimyelotoxic (1; FNF); Antineuropathic (1; FNF); Antiperiodontotic (1; FNF); Antiplaque (1; FNF); Antipolyp (preventive) (1; FNF); Antipsychotic (1; FNF); Anti-spina-bifida (1; FNF); Antistress (1; WO3); Antiviral (1; X11848297); Aphrodisiac (f; BOU; DEP; MPI; WO2); Astringent (f; WO2); Bifidogenic (1; X15850967); Cardioprotective (1; WO3); Depurative (f; KAB); Diuretic (1; WO2); Estrogenic (f; WO2); Flatugenic (f; KAB); Fungicide (1; WO2; X12895650); Hematopoietic (1; FNF); Hypocho-lesterolemic (2; MPI; WO2); Hypolipidemic (1; WO2); Immunostimulant (1; FNF); Lactagogue (f; LEG); Laxative (f; MPI); Lipolytic (2; MPI); Mitogenic (1; X11848297); Orexigenic (f; KAB); Proteolytic (1; X11791480); Refrigerant (f; WO2); Reverse-Transciptase Inhibitor (1; X11848297); Soporific (f; LEG); Stimulant (f; WO2); Stomachic (f; MPI); Tonic (f; DEP; WO2); Trypsin Inhibitor (1; X11791480); Xanthine-Oxidase Inhibitor (1; FNF); Uricosuric (1; FNF).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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