Activities Caper Bush

Alterative (f; EFS); Analgesic (f; BIB; SKJ); Anthelmintic (f1; BIB); Antiallergic (1; X15799005); Anticystic (1; WO2); Antidote (Beryllium) (f; WO2); Antierythemic (1; X15799005); Antihista-minic (1; X15799005); Antiparalytic (f; HAD); Antiseptic (f; BOU); Antiviral (1; WO2); Aphrodisiac (f; BIB; BOU); Astringent (f; EFS; WO2); Bactericide (1; BIB; WO2); Capillariprotective (f; BOW); Deobstruent (f; DEP); Diuretic (f; EFS; SKJ; WO2); Emmenagogue (f; BIB; DEP); Expectorant (f; BIB; EFS; GHA; WO2); Fungicide (1; BIB; WO2); Hemostat (f1; WO2); Molluscicide (1; X15287187); Orexigenic (f; BIB; BOU; HOS; WO2); Purgative (f; HAD); Stimulant (f; BIB; EFS); Tonic (f; EFS; GHA; SKJ).

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Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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