Activities Black Mustard

Abortifacient (f; CEB; DAW); Anodyne (f; DAW); Antidote (Narcotics) (f; CEB; FEL; HJP); Antie-demic (f; KAB); Antifertility (f; WOI); Antiinflammatory (f; KAB); Antiscorbutic (f1; BOU; FNF); Carminative (f; DAW); Cordial (f; EFS); Diuretic (f; DAW; FEL; HHB); Emetic (f; BOU; DAW); Febrifuge (f; BOU); Gastrotonic (f; CEB); Insectifuge (f; KAB); Laxative (f; BOU; DAW); Memo-rigenic (f; HJP); Orexigenic (f; DAW); Pancreatonic (f; CEB); Rubefacient (f; DAW; EFS; SUW); Stimulant (f; DAW; WOI); Stomachic (f; DAW; EFS; HHB; WOI); Vesicant (f; DAW).

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Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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