Activities Aloe

Abortifacient (f1; GMJ; WO3); Analgesic (f1; EGG; PH2); Angiogenic (1; X14517429); Anthelmintic (1; MPI); Antiaggregant (f; CRC); Antiaging (f; WO3); Antialcoholic (1; WO3); Antiapoptotic (1; X15613791); Antibradykinin (1; X15182910); Anticancer (f1; JLH; X15531293); Antidote (alcohol) (f1; DLZ; WO3; X8937458); Antiedemic (f1; ALH; CAN; WHO); Antigliomic (1; X15747063); Anti-herpetic (1; AAB; PH2; RCP7(1)); Antihistamine (1; APA); Anti-inflammatory (f1; AAB; CAN; PH2; WHO; WO3; X15751795; X15182910); Antilipoxygenase (1; X15751795); Antioxidant (1NP9(2):8); Antiplaque (f; WO3); Antiproliferant (1; X15531293); Antiprostaglandin (1; WHO; NP9(2):8); Antiradicular (1NP9(2):8); Antiretroviral (1; NP9(2):8); Antiseptic (f1; CRC; PH2; X15615409); Anti-thromboxane (1; PH2; WHO; NP9(2):8); Antiulcer (f1; AAB; PH2); Antiviral (1; AAB; PH2; WO3); Antiwrinkle (f; WO3); Aperient (f; DAA; DEP); Aphrodisiac (f; NP9(2):8); Apoptotic (1; X15531293; X15747063); Arylamine-N-Acetyltransferase Inhibitor (1; PH2); Bactericide (1; APA); Bitter (FED); Cholagogue (f; CRC); Cicatrizant (f1; DLZ; EGG; RCP7(1)); Collagenic (1; PH2; NP9(2):8); Collagenase Inhibitor (1; X12479983); COX-2-I (1; X12677534); Cyclooxygenase Inhibitor (1; PH2); Decongestant (f; DLZ); Demulcent (f1; WAM); Depurative (f; CRC); Digestive (f1; CRC; WAM); Emmenagogue (f1; DAA; JFM; MPI); Emollient (f1; GMJ; WAM); Fibroblastogenic NP9(2):8; Fungicide (1; APA; PH2; NP9(2):8); Gram(+)-icide (1; X15615409); Gram(-)-icide (1; X15615409); Hemostat (1; WO3); Hypocholesterolemic (1; WO3; X14598919); Hypoglycemic (1; CAN; JAC7:405; X15117555); Hypotensive (1; X11731923); Hypotriglyceridemic (1; JAC7:405); Immunomodulator (1; PH2); Immunostimulant (1; NP9(2):8); Insecticide (f; CRC); Larvicide (f; CRC); Laxative (f1; PH2; WAM; NP9(2):8); Metalloproteinase Inhibitor (1; X12479983); Microcirculatory Stimulant (CAN); Mitogenic (1; WO3); Moisturizer (f1; CRC); Nematicide (1; CRC); Osteogenic (1; RCP7(1); Phagocytotic (1; CAN; PNC); Propecic (f; KAP); Purgative (f; DLZ); Radioprotective (1; MPI; X15613791); Stimulant (f; CRC); Stomachic (f; CRC; MPI); Thromboxane-A-2-Synthase Inhibitor (1; X12677534); TNF-genic (1; NP9(2):8); Tonic (f; MPI); Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (1; PH2); Vermifuge (f; IED); Vulnerary (f1; CAN; EGG; WAM; WHO; WO3; X14517429).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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