For mysterious reasons, this third of my biblical undertakings has required the patience of Job. And for their patience, I am indeed grateful to Barbara Norwitz, my publisher, Jill Jurgensen, senior project coordinator, and Karen Simon, project editor, for tolerating some idiosyncrasies I introduced in 2007, 30 years after my first publication with CRC Press. But Jobian patience has been required by Judi duCellier, my associate for those same 30 years; Peggy Duke, my wife and illustrator, as we creep and creak to our 50th wedding anniversary; and Mary Jo Bogenshutz-Godwin, another longtime associate and frequent co-author. Mary Jo has patiently helped in many ways, especially in getting occasional updates to my USDA phytochemical database, and moving us closer to a Duke's Handbook of Medicinal Herbs of Latin America.

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