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Joe was a little subdued when I drove him back to The Great Barn on Monday evening. We had all had such a lovely weekend and he clearly wasn't looking forward to being back under the strict supervision of the staff at The Great Barn. As soon as we arrived one of the members of staff on duty took me aside to ask for feedback of our weekend. I gave her a brief outline of events and admitted that Joe had probably been a little more active than he should have been, playing football and cricket with his friends and bouncing on the trampoline for a short period with his brother. This didn't go down too well and I was given quite a lecture about how Joe should only be doing a very limited amount of gentle activity and that he was still very vulnerable to losing weight. There seemed little point in arguing, so I simply agreed that we would be very careful in future. However, deep down I felt that Joe had had an excellent weekend and become much stronger mentally. He had coped extremely well being back in his home environment and had no problems integrating with his friends. His activity levels had been way below what they would normally be in his home environment, albeit a little more than he was allowed within the confines of The Great Barn. He had been in very good spirits all weekend and had not displayed any obsessional tendencies. I prayed that he had not lost weight. We would soon find out.

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