The fashion today is for children to wear big baggy clothes. This suits anorexics perfectly. They can hide their hated bodies under layers and layers of baggy clothes. This also serves the purpose of helping to keep them warm. Because they wear such baggy clothes it is often impossible to visually judge how much weight they have lost.

It is clear that anorexics hide their bodies beneath their clothes. Many parents of severely anorexic children have been fooled by this tactic and the child's anorexia has been allowed to develop unchallenged. Remember, the earlier the illness is diagnosed, the recovery is likely to be easier and more successful. Don't fall into the clothes trap yourselves.

Whilst many teenagers hide their developing bodies from the rest of the family, it is important for carers of an anorexic boy to try and see for themselves how emaciated he has become. An easy way to do this is to take the family swimming. If this option is refused and your son will simply not undress in front of you, even to be weighed, then you may have to revert to the visit to the doctor as described in the section on exercise above.

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