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Mri Image Of A Human Polycystic Liver

Thiamine Deficiency Cats

Lipomatous Tumors Benign hepatic tumors composed of fat cells include lipoma, and combined tumors such as an-giomyolipoma (fat and blood vessels), myelolipoma (fat and hematopoietic tissue) and an-giomyelolipoma 32 . Grossly, lipomatous tumors are usually solitary, round and well-circumscribed masses occuring in non-cirrhotic livers 31 . They contain variable proportions of adipose and smooth muscle tissue with thick-walled blood vessels. Flow cytometry shows a DNA-diploid pattern consistent with a benign lesion 104 . Hematopoietic foci may be present, and when prominent, the term myelolipoma 74 or angiomyelolipoma is used. Density measurements on unenhanced CT are characteristic of fat (-20 to -115 HU). Pure lipomas do not enhance, but variable enhancement occurs in lesions containing angiomatous elements (Fig. 58) 51,81 . Fig. 57. Lipomatous tumors in Bourneville-Pringle syndrome on US. On US, multiple well-defined, hyperechoic (arrows) as well as small hypoechoic lesions...

Clinical Manifestations

Skin signs varies from 4 to 75 years of age. The most frequently found cutaneous lesions are facial papules, which present as skin-colored or yellowish-tan verrucous papules that can resemble common warts and histologically reveal trichilemmomas or nonspecific hair follicle proliferations. These papules can be very numerous and can coalesce around facial orifices and ears (Fig. 1). The oral lesions present as 1 to 3 mm skin-colored papules, which can coalesce to form a characteristic cobblestone pattern (Fig. 2), or can be so extensive that they involve the entire oral cavity, including the tongue. Involvement of the mucosa is seen in over 80 of patients and usually follows the development of the facial lesions. Other cutaneous findings in CS include lipomas, hemangiomas, xanthomas, vitiligo, neuromas, cafe-au-lait spots, periorificial and acral lentigines, and acanthosis nigricans (2).

Small bowel tumours

The most common benign tumours are adenomas, leiomyomas and lipomas. Adenomas are most often found in the periampullary region and are usually asymptomatic, although occult bleeding or obstruction due to intussusception may occur. Transformation to adenocarcinoma is rare. Multiple adenomas are common in the duodenum of patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) who require regular endoscopic surveillance.


A classification of benign tumors and pseudotumors of the gallbladder was first proposed in 1970.4 Benign tumors include adenomas, lipomas, hemangiomas, and leiomyomas. Benign pseuodotumors include adenomyomas, cholesterol polyps, inflammatory polyps, and heterotopic mucosa from the stomach, pancreas, or liver. The current accepted classification divides these polyps into neoplastic (adenomas, carcinoma in situ) and non-neoplastic, with the non-neoplastic polyps accounting for about 95 of these lesions.5 Finally, rare miscellaneous neoplastic polyps of varying sizes account for the remaining 1 of gallbladder polyps and include leiomyomas, lipomas, neurofibromas, and carcinoids.5

Steatosis Hepatis

Bopta Hepatic Phase

From the case of lipoma of the liver, out-of-phase images are more sensitive for the detection of fatty liver than fat suppressed images. The intensity on out-of-phase images is determined from the absolute value of water intensity minus the fat intensity. Thus, whereas most tissues (including fat) appear similar on in-phase and out-of-phase images, fatty liver will be noticeably darker. if, for example, in a given case of focal fatty infiltration, fat accounts for 10 of the lesion's SI and water accounts for 90 on in-phase images, fat suppression, assuming that the fat signal is totally sup In the case of liver lipoma which contains only fat, the signal of the lesion will not change to any noticeable extent on out-of-phase images. On the other hand, the SI of the lesion will drop significantly on fat suppressed images (Fig. 1-3).

Prenatal Effects

Cocaine's ability to reduce placental blood flow was graphically illustrated in a nonhuman primate MRA study, which documented a drug-induced disruption of umbilical blood flow (Panigel et al., 1993). Several reports have noted developmental abnormalities in cases of prenatal cocaine exposure. A retrospective MR imaging study found higher incidences of neonatal cerebral infarction and congenital abnormalities including encephalocele, holoprosencephaly, intraspinal lipoma, and hypoplastic cerebellum, in infants whose mothers met criteria for cocaine abuse (Heier et al., 1991). Gieron-Korthals (1994) described teratogenic findings including a large interhemispheric cyst, absence of a corpus callosum, agyria, left parietal open lip schizencephaly, and partial absence of the septum pellucidum in two infants who had chronical prenatal cocaine exposure (Gieron-Korthals et al., 1994). A subsequent case report of an 11-mo-old infant exposed to cocaine throughout gestation noted diffuse severe...

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