Strategic Evaluation and Monitoring of Care Processes

Care documentation systems (when in place) are mainly used to monitor care itself, not for the evaluation of care. The MAssT module provides a tool for the professional carer by supporting care planning, monitoring and evaluation at regular intervals. Target efficiency and costs can easily be related to a set of quality criteria or to the documented compliance with care standards. A consistent profile of quality dimensions makes it possible to evaluate the comprehensiveness of care and care outcomes. This can be done for the individual client and for relevant groups of clients, for example all clients of a given carer, or all clients with diagnosed dementia. In particular, the aggregated information can be used in staff meetings or team sessions where the intention is to improve practice. The "smilies" illustrate the results and help in forming a more comprehensive picture of the performance and identifying problems. The standard elements of MAssT give also structures for the involvement of the client in care planning and evaluations, thus helping the practice in giving a "voice" to the clients.

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