Associated mental health problems and people with learning disabilities is an area that has attracted vast amounts of research and opinion in recent years; consequentially, there are varying degrees of reliability and validity in this work and there are, at times, blatant contradictions and disagreements. This chapter has been an attempt to summarise much of this information and present it in a comprehensible manner. When working with people with learning disabilities, it is essential that a grounded understanding of mental health issues is achieved because, more often than not, it is the responsibility of the carer to ensure that such needs are reported and met. The observations of a carer who knows the personality of a service user well are invaluable; this shared information from an individual who possesses some knowledge of mental health is more valuable still.

It is, however, unrealistic to know everything about a vast area of health care such as this without extensive further study and the knowledge shared in this chapter is merely the tip of the iceberg. Additionally, the facts presented in this chapter commonly affect people with learning disabilities; it is important to note that other areas of assessment, treatment and diagnosis are not exclusive to those without learning disabilities and each scenario must at all times be individually assessed. Because of some of the problems of assessing people with learning disabilities already highlighted in this chapter, people may make too many assumptions and decisions about care and treatment. Hasty decisions can be dangerously incorrect; it is far better to be deliberate and methodical in your approach as opposed to reactionary and risk inaccuracies.

Adult Dyslexia

Adult Dyslexia

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