Recommended Immunization Schedule For Adults By Age Health

All ages

• Td (tetanus, diphtheria) every 10 years.

• Anyone born after 1957 should have two doses of measles vaccine given at least one month apart. Most high schools and colleges now require this.

Adults over age 65

• Influenza vaccine every fall.

• One dose pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine (with booster every six years for transplant patients or those with chronic kidney failure or no spleen).

Health care/public safety workers

• Hepatitis B vaccine (three-dose series).

• Influenza vaccine every fall.

• MMR (unless proof of immunity) or birthdate before 1957.

Medical or research lab workers

• Inactivated polio vaccine for those who haven't received three doses of OPV.

• Plague vaccine for anyone working with plague (three-dose series; booster every one to two years).

• Anthrax vaccine for anyone working with anthrax bacteria.

• Rabies vaccine for anyone testing or isolating rabies virus.

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