La Crosse encephalitis See encephalitis, La Crosse Lactobacillus acidophilus, in prevention of canker sores 33 lamivudine 4 laser therapy, for genital warts 296 lassa fever 14,155 latency 309d

Leeuwenhoek, Anton van 182,220 Legionella pneumophilia 155,

155-156,212 Legionellosis 155 See also

Legionnaires' disease Legionnaires' disease

155-156,211 Leishmania 156,157,221 leishmaniasis 156-157 cutaneous 157 mucocutaneous 157 visceral 157 hearing loss related to 125

lentiviruses 2 leprosy 116,157-159,187 lepromatous 159 organization concerned with 332 tuberculoid 159 Web sites on 340 Leptospira interrogans 160 leptospirosis 109,159-161, 298

levodopa 87

lice 161-162,232-233 See also pediculosis; relapsing fever body (Pediculus humanus corporis) 161-162,200,200 crab (pubic) 63-64, 161-162,200 head (Pediculus humanus capitis) 161-162,200,200 pubic (crabs) 63-64, 161-162,200 and typhus 283-284 lindane 64,162,200,239 See also gamma benzene hexachloride (Scabene) Listeria monocytogenes 162, 163

listeriosis 104,162-164 in HIV-infected (AIDS)

patients 163 pregnancy and 61, 163-164,218 liver fluke SeeFasciola hepatica; fascioliasis; flukes; schistosomiasis Loa loa 164 lockjaw See tetanus loiasis (loaisis or loaiasis)

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