Exanthem subitum See Roseola

exogenous infection An infection that develops from bacteria normally found outside the body, which is not usually part of the normal human bacterial population.

eye infections The most common infection of the eye is CONJUNCTIVITIS, also known as pinkeye. Most of these infections are caused by bacteria (such as staphylococci) or by viruses associated with a cold, sore throat, or illness such as MEASLES. Viral conjunctivitis is the version that often appears in schools, sweeping through classrooms in massive epidemics. Newborns may contract a type of conjunctivitis from their mothers during birth. This type of infection may be caused by common bacteria, organisms responsible for GONORRHEA or genital HERPES, or by a chlamydial infection and may cause blindness in the newborn infant unless treated.

Keratoconjunctivitis is an inflammation of both the conjunctiva and the cornea; it is often caused by a virus. Corneal infections are more serious and can lead to blurry vision or perforation if not treated.

Infection within the eye (endophthalmitis) may make it necessary to remove the eyeball. This can occur after a penetrating injury to the eye, or from infections elsewhere in the body.


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