Wondering whether your baby will be okay

From time to time every woman thinks about the wellbeing of her unborn baby and hopes that her baby will be born healthy. After IVF treatment, you may be even more preoccupied thinking about whether your baby is developing normally and will be okay. For some women who conceive with IVF, worry about the welfare of their baby stops them from fully enjoying the fact that they're pregnant — especially in the first few weeks of their pregnancy. However, these feelings don't usually last and in the second half of pregnancy, when they feel the baby moving, most women worry less and often feel quite blissful.

Some parents-to-be don't dare feel joyful about their pregnancy in case it's taken away from them. The fact that a small proportion of pregnancies don't have a happy outcome shouldn't stop you from feeling delighted about being pregnant and full of anticipation about becoming a parent: You've earned it! Allowing yourself to enjoy your pregnant state won't increase your risk of losing the pregnancy.

My First Baby

My First Baby

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