Undergoing counselling

Most clinics offer couples the opportunity to meet with an infertility counsellor before starting treatment — although in Victoria, this is actually required by law. Whether mandatory or not, many couples benefit from talking things over with a counsellor as part of preparing for treatment. Infertility counsellors are experts on the emotional aspects of infertility and infertility treatment and can offer you many useful tips on how to manage the stress of treatment.

Legally speaking

According to a guide to clinics published by the Victorian Infertility Treatment Authority, counsellors must discuss certain points with couples before they can have IVF treatment. For the purposes of section 11(1) of the Infertility Treatment Act (1995), counselling is required in relation to the following prescribed matters:

(a) The options or choices available to the particular woman and her husband

(b) The law relating to infertility treatment in Victoria and the rights of the woman and her husband under that law

(c) The psychosocial and ethical issues related to infertility and infertility treatment

(d) The possible outcomes of an infertility treatment procedure, including the success rates of such treatment

(e) Any issue or concern raised by the woman or her husband in relation to the treatment procedure jjttNG/

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