Turning to a Counsellor

IVF clinics in Australia and New Zealand are required to make counselling services available to couples who attend their programs. Infertility counsellors are experts on the emotional aspects of infertility and infertility treatment and can help couples to make informed decisions about their treatment options. You can benefit from a counsellor's experience and expertise at any stage of your treatment. For example, you may want to talk to a counsellor if you:

^ Experience pregnancy loss

^ Have difficulty deciding whether to continue with or stop treatment

^ Receive bad news about your treatment and need to talk to someone who understands IVF about what this means for your future chances of having a baby with IVF

^ Struggle in your relationship or have trouble communicating with your partner

^ Suddenly feel overwhelmed by everything and unable to manage the strain of the infertility and the rigours of treatment

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