Thinking Through the Surrogacy Option

Surrogacy is a big undertaking for all those involved and it goes without saying that the many potential medical, psychological, social and legal problems have to be carefully considered before you make the decision to go ahead and ask another woman to carry your baby.

You'll have several trips to the counsellor before a surrogacy agreement can proceed. Many parties are affected by a surrogacy agreement and the counsellor needs to ensure that they're all considered. This includes

1 The child born as a result of surrogacy 1 The commissioning couple i The surrogate i The surrogate's partner and children i The extended families of the commission couple and the surrogate

The counsellor plays devil's advocate and paints all sorts of bad scenarios to allow you and the surrogate to imagine how you'd feel if any of the following happened and how you'd deal with it. For example, what would you do if:

1 The surrogate doesn't get pregnant? i The surrogate conceives twins?

i You and the surrogate disagree about prenatal testing? i Prenatal testing shows an abnormality? i The surrogate has health problems during the pregnancy? i The baby has health problems or a disability? i The surrogate has trouble giving up the baby?

i You disagree about the amount of contact between the surrogate and the child?

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