Ten Tips for New IVF Parents

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^ Waiting for baby ^ Getting to know your baby

^ Growing confident and getting baby care down pat m ongratulations: You've cleared all the IVF hurdles and you're pregnant!

As you close the door on your IVF treatment and enter the world of antenatal care, you can start to count the days until you finally meet your baby. The transition to parenthood is an amazing and joyous period that starts in pregnancy. But becoming a parent for the first time can be pretty daunting and unsettling, even if you've endured a long hard road to get there.

One of the difficulties that some IVF parents face is that their expectations of themselves as parents, their baby and life with a newborn are somewhat romantic and idealised, and don't match the real-life experience of caring for a little one. Added to this, friends and family expect IVF parents to be blissfully happy and find parenting a breeze.

The truth is, kissing goodbye to your life as you knew it and getting on with your new role as a parent with responsibility for the care and survival of a newborn baby is a mammoth task for all new parents, IVF parents included.

In this chapter, I give you ten tips for new IVF parents that pretty much all boil down to a single message: Feeling out of your depth, hesitant, doubtful and uncertain in your new role as a parent is normal, and you don't need to feel guilty if you don't enjoy every moment of it — even if you are lucky enough to have a baby with IVF.

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