Talking to your family doctor

Your family doctor is usually the first person you turn to with your concerns. Expect your doctor to i Confirm that you're aware of the optimum time of the month for conceiving i Order some basic tests to confirm that the female partner ovulates (releases an egg) regularly and the male partner produces sperm i Take a detailed medical history and an even more detailed reproductive and sexual history of you and your partner i Undertake a physical examination of you and your partner

Assuming everything seems okay, your doctor may suggest that you wait a bit longer before consulting an infertility specialist.

However, if the tests your family doctor recommends don't explain why you haven't conceived, or they reveal a problem that requires treatment, you need to move to the next level of care. You need a referral from your family doctor to see a specialist and most doctors are only too happy to provide a referral for infertility issues.

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