Taking IVF One Step at a Time

In This Chapter

^ Understanding the various technical terms ^ Preparing for IVF treatment ^ Taking drugs to stimulate your ovaries ^ Collecting the eggs and sperm and making embryos ^ Waiting for your pregnancy test results ^ Using frozen embryos

m VF treatment follows the stages of the menstrual cycle. That's why ¬ęC you hear people referring to a 'treatment cycle' or an 'IVF cycle' or sometimes just a 'cycle' when they describe the steps involved in an IVF attempt. You also hear clinic staff use weird acronyms for different types of treatment instead of the often very long and technical real names of these treatments.

An IVF cycle is like a series of hurdles that you have to jump over without falling. After you make it over one hurdle, another one is ahead of you. If you miss a hurdle, you go back to square one.

In this chapter, I explain all the strange acronyms involved in IVF. I also give you a detailed description of what you can expect in each step of a treatment cycle, why treatment sometimes doesn't go to plan and what your doctor may do to improve your chances if you have to try again.

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