Seeing Further Down the Track

Several studies have followed couples who had IVF for a period of time after their treatment. The good news is that within a few years of ending treatment, there are very few differences in terms of emotional wellbeing between those who had a baby as a result of treatment and those who didn't. Here are a few more results from these studies:

i Infertility doesn't go away, even if you have a baby: Interestingly, despite having a baby with IVF, many couples still think of themselves as infertile: It seems hard to shake off the experience of having fertility problems. That said, most couples who have an IVF baby know that they have to go through IVF again if they want more children, so it's understandable that they continue to think of themselves as infertile.

i Life goes on, even if you don't have a baby: The majority of couples whose IVF treatment doesn't work are able to move on and live satisfying lives. For many, in fact, it's a great relief when IVF is over because they can get on with the rest of their lives. They develop new life plans and goals, their spirits come back and life becomes pleasurable again. The sadness about being childless or having fewer children than planned may not go away completely, but after a while it no longer consumes so much time or mental energy.

i Most couples who don't have a baby after IVF don't regret trying treatment: Most couples who don't have a baby as a result of IVF feel that they've given it their best shot and are able to move on after finishing treatment. Many couples say that they tried IVF because they didn't want to later regret not having done everything they could to have a baby.

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